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We all know how difficult it is for sales leaders to cut through the noise in the B2B technology landscape. In fact the latest research shows that sales leaders only get 17% of a buyers time to showcase their offer and win the deal. The rest of a buyer’s time is spent doing research, and meeting other decision-makers in the buying group.

Understanding your buyer, and their influencers, and helping them to make sense of the challenges they face is how you can cut through all the noise and build consensus for your proposition.

We’ll provide you with the tools and support you need to do that …

Creating the right strategy

The buyer journey has changed, and this means your sales strategy, process and channels must too. Our sales excellence programme starts with creating the right strategy. A strategy that will help you to cut through the noise, engage new stakeholders and use marketing to support the sales process. Ensuring you not only drive sales efficiencies and executute multi-channel sales strategies, but engage the 11 stakeholders who’ll be making the decision to buy your service; and deliver the 27 touch points you need to close the deal.

A unique voice in the market

Understanding your target buyer is the fundmental first step in any sales excellence programme. We’ll work with you to uncover hard-to-come-by information, to develop an evidence based sales proposition that talks to the unique needs and challenges of your buyers.

Buyer-centric sales training and coaching

All of our sales training programmes are bespoke to your business – your revenue goals, team size and marketing strategy. We’re not in the business of running scheduled sales courses, but highly tailored and sophisticated sales programmes that work hand in hand with your marketing programme.

Our programs are focused on enabling buyer centric sales models and aligning sales and marketing, all of which is underpinned by a value selling methodology. We do this through live training, coaching, digital enablement, assets and tools.

If you want to grow your sales channel and maximise your investment in an existing marketing strategy, then this is the ideal programme for you.

The best tools for the job

We’ll work with you to develop all the sales tools your team needs to start a conversation, nurture relationships and win the deal.

From cheat sheets and competitor battle cards, to outreach sequencing and social selling, we can help. Coupled with our sales training and value-based propositions and shareable content, our sales toolkits provide the fundamental foundations you need to achieve sales excellence – and beat your sales targets.

Connect marketing and sales for business acceleration

You’ve got your sales tools, undergone training and your marketing team is starting their journey with ABM. Great! But, are you aligning them? We see the biggest impact when they come together. Unique, highly personalised and value-based messaging combined with retargeting campaigns and sales enablement. We combine ABM with sales enablement for big results.

We’ll work with you to align your teams and provide support throughout your ABM programme. We’ll support your SDRs with sales cadences, templates and tools, and by bringing your teams together you gather momentum quickly.

We call this the ‘ABM Sales Accelerator’.

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