All leads are not the same

Buyers’ journeys vary and purchase motivations may be complex. But how much do businesses take this into account when working with leads?

Ice Blue Sky CEO Charlotte Graham-Cumming was one of four experts invited to speak at the recent GO! Network webinar on Quality over Quantity – Investing in the value of your Inbound Leads

In an advice-packed session, numerous take-home tips were shared on how to maximise revenue by understanding your leads and their needs. Discussion included identifying who your key target customers are, working out where individuals are on their buying journey, and not wasting resources on poor quality leads.

Making sure the value proposition works for different audiences and encouraging marketing and sales to work together from the start were identified as key areas to focus on.

Speakers highlighted that thinking about the people behind the numbers and the different touchpoints in the journey are critical when targeting. Correct profiling is vital for providing content which resonates with the recipient through the problem they need to solve.

Read more of the key points from Quality over Quantity – Investing in the value of your Inbound Leads here, or kickstart your B2B plans and drive your acquisition and conversion of quality inbound leads by contacting Ice Blue Sky today.

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