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B2B Sales & Marketing Symposium

Research revenue enablement

What is the current state of play, what are the commercial challenges it solves, and what barriers to implementation exist.


Revenue enablement vs. sales enablement; what’s the difference and why should we care?

Where sales enablement focuses on the seller, revenue enablement looks at every function that touches the customer – this includes sales, marketing, customer success, digital, channel partners… and is aiming to remove silos by creating a single source for the differing enablement pillars – training, content, tools, tech and uniting the functions through shared KPIs, processes and tech.

By taking a customer centric approach the objective is to create alignment across the functions and increase visibility of the customer journey to decrease friction and inconsistency to improve buyer confidence and optimise the customer journey to maximise lifecycle value.

At the B2B Sales & Marketing Symposium we are interviewing sales and marketing leaders across the technology sector to better understand:

How are the interviews conducted?

We are approaching a selected list of people that we believe would add value to this survey, given their experience and current role.

These selected Interviewees will need to participate in a 30 minute call or meeting (depending on location) with a Director from Ice Blue Sky, where they will answer a series of statements and questions focused on the above points. These will be held during the second half of the year.

During the second half of the year we will also conduct a more general, online survey where participants will be validated using their LinkedIn profile, and these results will be separate to the research based survey and used as a comparison.

How will the survey be used?

The survey will only reference participating companies and people if agreed at the initial interview. The results will be collated and analysed by one of our researchers, and answers will not relate back to an individual or company. The survey results will be published in the second half of 2023. At this time they will be presented at the B2B Sales & Marketing symposium, and shared on social media.

Interviewees will be invited to the B2B Sales & Marketing Symposium in the second half of 2023, due to be held in central London.

For any more questions please contact:

Francesca Beddow