B2B Marketing Survey reveals ROI is the key…

Marketing Profs in conjunction with Citrix Online recently released a report evaluating the results of a large survey of B2B marketers. They survey examined the effectiveness of lead generation and how using ROI can impact the lead generation quality and the marketing team’s relationships with the rest of the business.

The whole report can be viewed here: http://learn.gotomeeting.com/forms/EMEA-G2MC-WP-MProfs-S?ID=701000000005DfH

It makes interesting reading in the sense that there are really no surprises (such as those companies that focused on qualitative not quantitative reporting were more successfubp- but some great data to help justify the focus on ROI and improving the working relationship between sales and marketing.

Overall it supports the very sensible idea that leads should be more effectively qualified before handing over to sales, and that this improves overall conversions. However, until those that measure marketers accept lower lead numbers but higher quality, my fear is that this will remain a best practice for a few organisations brave enough to try it. 

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Charlotte Graham-Cumming

Director, Ice Blue Sky Ltd

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