B2B – Doesn’t need to be boring…

It struck me recently that as a B2B marketer I have instant insight into what makes B2B buyers tick – based on my own experience. What some B2B marketers don’t always take into account is that B2B purchasing, whilst budget driven, can be as emotionally charged as consumer purchasing. Much B2B marketing material is fairly dry, extremely corporate and doesn’t seem to “emotionally” engage the individual you are targeting.

While of course it’s important to build credibility with your target audience, let’s not forget you are trying to appeal to people! I have a few general rules of thumb when it comes to B2B marketing:

  1. Make it visually appealing – I’m a B2B buyer, I like visually interesting images and colours. If it’s a cool, relevant, interesting image I might pay a bit of extra attention and stop to read a bit more
  2. Make it snappy – give me something that’s easy to digest – I don’t have a huge amount of time and 30 seconds should tell me what I need to know to be interested
  3. Make it targeted – take the time to personalise – to me as an individual as well as the company I work for. This means content as well as salutations
  4. Take your time – I’m not going to buy from you the first time I hear from you, woo me, save something for the second date
  5. Respond -follow up,respond when I demonstrate interest – read my behaviour so you know what my interests are
  6. Be interesting – don’t be bland, don’t overuse jargon, tell me interesting stories about what you’ve done. Benefits not features please!

I know we all know these things…just it sometimes help to remind ourselves that B2B is not an amorphous, anonymous lump – it’s made up of intelligent, vibrant individuals who want to be treated as such.

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Charlotte Graham-Cumming

Director, Ice Blue Sky Ltd

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