Get customers closer to your brand….

We all know it’s far cheaper to sell to a customer than to a prospect – but what exactly are we trying to achieve?

What do you think of the relationships you have with your customers? If you’re in marketing – how much exposure do you have to your customers?How much of your business do your customers know? Are they constrained within the products or services they currently use?


Marketing needs to develop relationships with the customer base – relationships generate profitable customers. Think about it. If you have a great relationship with someone, you are more likely to trust them, like what they say, and, importantly, act on recommendations. If you have a poor relationship – and poor can be defined by a lack of communication, attention and focus – then you know the rest.


  • understand your customer, know their challenges with you – turn those into positives by designing an experience that addresses those head on (think feedback forums for example)
  • demonstrate how you innovate – involve them in product launches, marketing programmes, product development
  • b2b can be experiential – don’t be afraid to emotionally engage your audience
  • make it easy for your customers – create an immediate association or driver for your brandremember the customer journey:
    • Promise
    • Experience
    • Advocacy

Food for thought…would be interested in hearing war stories on either end of the b2b experience!

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Charlotte Graham-Cumming

Director, Ice Blue Sky Ltd

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