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Finally – the light is dawning….and the blog below puts an element of it perfectly!

You’ll be delighted to know that I am continuing my mission to get B2B Marketing the kudos it deserves – hence highlighting the below blog. I am finding (and I don’t want to court too much controversy here) but in the US, they seem to focus much more on B2B as a discipline than we do here.

I have seen an uplift in organisations focused on B2B which is very heartening – but we need a defining of standards, a code of best practice – a clear path to B2B excellence so those coming into the field have a standard against which to target themselves – and to ensure that B2B is not overshadowed by it’s perceived more glamourous cousin B2C.


To do B2B Marketing well you need to think over and above lead generation, and in addition to the sales and marketing synergy discussed in the above blog you need to ask yourself:

1. Can you talk in the way your customers talk?

2. Does the way you market match the way your customers buy?

3. Are you talking to the right audience?

4. Are you engaging your customers in your growth strategy?

I could go on..but you’ve probably heard enough.

If you know of good B2B examples – or sites – please comment and list them here.



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