Who cares?

Who cares about B2B marketing more specifically?

It is great to see an increase in content focused on B2B Marketing Best Practice – hooray!

And in my role as chair of the Marketing Society’s B2B Forum, I attended a small dinner recently, hosted by Sir Paul Judge, and attended by senior executives from the B2B arena, companies such as Accenture, Ernst & Young, IBM, Fujitsu and BT (and more) put forward their ideas for increasing the focus and resources to enable successful B2B marketers.

A huge amount of marketing expertise was present in that room – including Laurie Young, author of several valuable books on the topic of effective b2b marketing, and it was interesting to see what they wanted to see covered in the b2b media and by organisations such as the Marketing Society and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (who also attended):

1. Highlight more innovation in the sector

2. Encourage marketers to be represented in the B2B boardroom

3. Highlight best practice in developing the value proposition

4. Demonstrate how better to articulate marketing’s contribution to the bottom line (our friend, marketing ROI)

5. Improve industry knowledge (in terms of the industries you are working in and targeting) throughout the sector

There’s a lot of expertise out there, it’s just about creating a framework and resources to enable everyone involved. I’ll keep you posted on progress!

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