Weekly tech tip: Prezi – taking presentations to the next level

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Each week we highlight an interesting piece of technology we’ve come across, which we think could be life-changing, a bit useful, or just a bit of fun!

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This week: Prezi

What is it?

Prezi is a great tool for jazzing up presentations and avoiding “death by powerpoint”

What does it do?

Essentially the love child of powerpoint and flash, it enables you to create presentations that look like flash animations.

Why should I care?

It’s easy to use, and looks really impressive – you can look like a creative and technical whizz quickly and easily!!

Where can I find out more?


By the way, we are not linked to any of the products we mention, nor do we receive anything for featuring them, it’s just genuine feedback from genuine techies!!

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Director, Ice Blue Sky Ltd

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