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Why we went:

We had a black tie dinner to attend, and wanted a hotel that was within easy taxi distance. We wanted to stay somewhere nicer than a budget hotel, but didn’t want to spend more than £100.

What did we do?

We arrived at around 2pm for a late lunch and a quick drink, had a late afternoon coffee and stayed overnight – going out for dinner in the evening. Stayed for breakfast the following morning and then left.

Look and feel of the hotel:

On the website the hotel looks very plush and luxurious, and when we arrived, the decor was lovely, although not exceptionally high end – although that’s not the aim of this brand. Well maintained in the public lounge area, and plenty to do, as the Village concept includes (in this instance) a Starbucks and a separate bar, as well as the main restaurant.

The hotel is within a business park, and probably explains the great rate we got (£79 a night per room, including breakfast), as I suspect it’s used more in the week. This actually makes a nice weekend hotel as it’s not too busy. The outside of the hotel is very modern, I suspect to compliment the modern office blocks surrounding it.

When we checked into our room, it was compact (but not overly so) and the decor was very well thought out. A good design touch was the “wet room” style shower, with the controls at the opposite end to the rain shower head, which made it very easy to get the water temperature right. The room was modern, clean and had a good level of amenities.


We had everything we needed in the room, tea and coffee making facilities, and there were plenty of things to do in the hotel, 3 choices of where to eat and drink, and a spa.

Eating and Drinking:

Unfortunately for us, there was a major football match on in the bar at the hotel when we arrived, so the bar was packed and noisy – we soon retreated to the public lounge area. We were still able to order lunch, but had to queue at the bar to order, which given the sporting event, took ages.

The food was good and hearty, and despite the wait to order, service was quick and efficient. Having a Starbucks there was a great addition and made a late afternoon coffee a nice treat.

In the morning we had breakfast in the Verve Restaurant, service was a bit patchy, as there was no-one around when we arrived, and we’d been sat for ten minutes before being noticed, given that there were only about six other people in the restaurant this was a little disappointing. They had also run out of food, so we had to wait a while before it was replenished. However when the food did arrive, it was tasty and fresh.


At every point, the staff were lovely and helpful, and we were allowed to check in early which was convenient for us. The hotel is a great alternative to the budget brands for a weekend stay, and makes a great place to stay as a base if you have somewhere to go in the local area. Represents great value for money and we would highly recommend it.

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