B2B Marketing Resources – November 9th 2012

What a week, lots going on, and lots of ideas bubbling away for 2013. Met with a client yesterday who are now sponsoring a premier league football team – unusual for a B2B brand, but in this case absolutely on message. We had a lot of fun exploring ways to maximise the opportunity around upcoming events – now tell me B2B has to be boring!

As usual, we’ve been finding some useful resources for you all – this week we’ve been exploring Pinterest – you can follow me here to see for yourself. It’s great for sharing visual information such as Infographics and SO easy to use. If you sign up, be sure to install the “Pin It” toolbar, makes life a lot easier!

Some useful Infographics to help you build the business case internally!

1.0 The anatomy of content marketing

2.0 Should you use a QR code in your campaign?

3.0 It might be time to re-design your website if….


Upcoming Ice Blue Sky events

(email me at charlottegc@icebluesky.com if you’re interested in coming along!)

January (yes, we changed it!) – tips to aim for less than 10% drop out rate at events featuring large software company – name to follow shortly 🙂

February – Customer Referral Programmes – SO much more than case studies! Featuring Juniper Networks!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Charlotte Graham-Cumming

t: @weblet71

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