Why Zendesk? They’re not a customer, so I’ve no reason to promote them….I just admire their growth.

BUT, I will confess to a connection, I used to work for Yantra Corporation (US and UK) and the CEO was a chap I greatly admire called Devdutt Yellurkar. I moved around a lot within the company, and was able to take advantage of some amazing opportunities – mostly down to the culture of the company.This was 1999-2004 so a great boom, followed by some more challenging years, but my time there has really shaped who I am, as well as my experience. Ten minutes listening to Devdutt was inspiring, and I’ve taken some of the lessons I learnt from him to my own company all these years later.

So, what’s the connection? Devdutt works for Charles River Ventures who were the first funders of zendesk (it’s listed as part of his portfolio), so I often see updates via LinkedIn and have been charting their growth.

I couldn’t possibly do more justice when describing their history than they have done themselves, so read here for that information, but in 6 years they have grown to have a customer base of 30,000, the bulk of that in the last 3 years.

So, what’s their secret? Well, I’m not in a position to divulge details (as I don’t know any), but I do know quite a few of their customers and I often visit their website to see what they’re up to, and have noticed a couple of things:

1. Their customers LOVE the product, and among the IT service companies I know, it’s viewed as the default solution.

2. They seem to have a great culture – relaxed, hard working and rewarding

3. Their marketing message is focused and simple

Obviously I have an interest in their marketing (keep an eye out for the Buddha who pops up every now and again), and if their website is anything to go by, they really know what they’re doing:

a. Call to actions are simple and easy to understand

b. Their proposition is really clear

If you’d never heard of them, with 10 seconds (depending on how fast you read) of visiting their website you’d know they do helpdesk support for more than 20,000 customers and have a great customer base. You can find out more, try a demo, or sign up immediately – no messing about.

Which is A1 marketing in my book. Backed by what is clearly a great product, and an employee friendly culture, I’m not surprised they have experienced such growth.

Any companies you similarly admire?

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