3 ways technology companies can help retailers – still focused on the basics.


If you’re targeting retailers, chances are you’re not alone. In order to really get their attention, you need to talk the language of their customers – as this is what provides pressure on them to change their business. In addition, understanding where the majority are on that journey, can help you understand where you can help them.

The Economist Insights team recently released a report (in conjunction with Panasonic), that explores what’s needed to create a seamless retail customer experience. The report compares what consumers want in comparison with what retailers are investing in, and this is where technology companies should sit up and take note. This information provides an opportunity to provide explicit insight to retailers to help them focus on the right areas to grow their business.

1. Ease is the number one requirement

The top three requirements from consumers were enabling fast responses to complaints, simple purchasing process and ability to track orders in real time. Consistency and interactivity were close behind, with segmentation and personalisation trailing behind. This says that retailers still need to get some of the basics of omni-channel right, with the market leaders focusing on newer experience improvements such as personalisation and segmentation. Something to note if you’re targeting retailers with this latter type of technology, is that focusing on the market leaders is likely to yield the best results.

2. Retailers are still trying to enable omni-channel

The top 3 activities that retailers are focused on to deliver this seamless experience are: e-commerce, loyalty programmes and SEO. Closely followed by training, analytics and mobile. This fits the above point, in that retailers know they have to get the basics right, and then scale up to more complex/innovative areas.

3. Barriers to omni channel haven’t changed

The top barriers to delivering great experiences over all channels are still the same: organisation silos and lack of system integration. Single customer view is listed as a barrier, but is still a long way behind internal system and people issues.

As well as technology, if you can offer help and advice on people and change management, you’re likely to get some attention.

Charlotte Graham-Cumming is a director at Ice Blue Sky, who specialise in helping Technology Companies grow their business using inbound marketing.

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