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5 steps to inbound marketing success - content calendar template

What a content calendar template can enable.

Need a quick and easy way to plan your content? 

If you’re  focused on delivering inbound marketing, or planning an effective nurture campaign, you need an easy way to plan your content. If you’re not sure where to start, or just feel overwhelmed by the many types of content out there, then Ice Blue Sky has the content calendar template for you!

This template will help you divide up what you have into meaningful categories that will make the creation, distribution and internal expectations around your content easier to manage.

The template shows you what categories are needed to match your content to the different stages of customer engagement:

  • Awareness of need
  • Consideration and research
  • Comparative analysis
  • Purchase
  • Loyalty & Advocacy

It then shows you what types of content best suits these categories, for example PR pieces fit really well into the Awareness stage, and technology webinars sit better in the comparative analysis stage.

It also has spaces for your buyer profiles, so that you can track how content needs to be different depending on buyer need.

Organising your content in this way makes your inbound marketing much more effective, and helps set internal expectations around what content should be shared with whom and when.

Content Calendar Template:

To get a copy of the template, simply go to, complete the weekly insights form on the home page, and you’ll receive the template via email.

If you got some tips to share on managing content calendars, please comment below.



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