Top 10 ways to enjoy Glastonbury Festival 2015


So it’s not B2B content marketing, but it’s still preparation!

In honour of Glastonbury Festival 2015, we asked one of our guest bloggers, Sarah Lafferty from Round Earth Consulting, to give us her tips as a Glastonbury Festival veteran.

Taking part in the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts is an extraordinary privilege, but you will have a much better time of it if you avoid making newbie mistakes. If you manage to score a ticket for 2015, here are my top ten tips:


  1. Telephony – you will need your mobile for texting and finding your mates so invest £20 in an old Nokia phone on eBay and whack in a pay-as-you-go sim card. No matter what newfangled charging system the organisers come up with, you’ll waste half of every morning queuing to charge your smartphone. I use my trusty old Nokia 6310 and one charge lasts all week.If you want to take pictures, bring a camera.
  2. Wear a watch – you don’t want to be fishing around your cruddy backpack for your phone every time you need to plan your mission to the next gig. Also the more you fish in your backpack, the more you risk losing essential stuff.
  3. Wristbands – while we’re on the subject of wrists, put your watch and your wristband on the opposite wrist as your ‘toilet hand’. You will really thank me for this one. Enough said really.
  4. Schedule – write down the times and locations of your ‘must see bands’ in large letters on a separate piece of paper for each day. The Glastonbury app is excellent, but your smartphone will be dead and after hours of partying you will be incapable of reading the display.
  5. Schedule II – don’t be a slave to a strict schedule. You’ll discover some of the best music, entertainment and eccentrics by wandering into bars and small, quirky venues.
  6. Drink – if you want to save money on alcohol, bring some spirits in plastic bottles, along with mixers and a metal thermos. The 24 hour shops sell ice.
  7. Rain – you can count on rain at some stage so bring wellies and full rain gear. You REALLY don’t want to be visiting the toilets in sandals. You will also need thick socks to avoid getting nasty heel blisters.
  8. Stuff – it’s tempting to bring lots of stuff, but don’t bring more than you absolutely need. It can take hours to get to and from the car and it’s murder when you’re laden with stuff. If you forget an essential item (like socks) you can buy it at the festival.
  9. Social media etiquette – do ask your friends’ permission before posting potentially incriminating pictures on social media sites. Some of them work at banks and won’t take kindly to being papped and tagged in their  psychedelic trousers and face paint.
  10. Karma – if you see someone in distress who looks ill, lost or upset, help a brother or sister out! Glastonbury is a community and when you extend goodwill it spreads throughout the festival. Enjoy!

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