Using B2B content marketing to keep employees happy


B2B Content marketing – not just for prospects.

It’s been proven time and again that happy employees equals happy customers, and this article from Forbes Online summarises it very well. Regardless of an employee’s role in the business, they like to feel they are adding value, making a difference and being recognised. Notice how I didn’t mention anything monetary?

So, if you’re in internal communications you can make a huge difference to employee satisfaction, using the principles of content marketing:


1. Make it relevant to them as individuals

Internal communications often gets lumped into a single, homogenous, one size fits all, mound of content. This is fine for broadcast mode, but if you really want people to feel bought in, show them how it’s relevant to them directly. How would someone in finance help the overall strategic goal of “win more customers to reduce risk of exposure”? You can do the job of “translating” that strategic goal into something day to day that they can appreciate and buy into.

2. Create tangible links between the goal and the achievement

This is the “what’s in it for them?” moment. You’ll need tools like Task Buddy for this one, easy to use tools that give employees a way to clearly link what they do day-to-day to the success of the business. Rather than top down, compliance heavy, punishment-based systems, tools that allow you to get Employees to set their tasks against a specific goal, and to then share their progress, creates an environment of responsibility and recognition. Content marketing techniques can help employees understand how to get the most out of these types of processes, and to communicate the rewards from achieving their goals. Linking in with these tools means you can trigger certain types of content based directly on employee progress to increase the relevancy, and likelihood that they will engage with the content. This can dramatically improve the effectiveness of internal communications as well as drive up employee engagement.

3. Pull them in, don’t push them out

Content marketing is all about attracting people to you, and internal communications is no different. Promote content you have developed in different ways, so that you attract the right people to your message. For example, if you’ve got some great advice on how to impress your boss (e.g. Top 3 things that managers at “company name” are looking for), then feature it on internal systems as a call out, put posters up with an easy to remember URL where they can access the content. You can set competitions to get people pulled in, i.e. win lunch with the CEO  – simply follow this URL.

Don’t be afraid to publish what you do in any of these areas, Employees like to see their company in the news for the right reasons, and recognition in lists that feature great places to work go a  long way to adding value to a brand, and it reinforces credibility behind initiatives that you are trying to implement.

These are some of the ways we’ve seen content marketing increase internal communications effectiveness – do you have any stories or suggestions to share?


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