4 signs you might be creative

shutterstock_93465346_kid_headphonesEver wondered what separates creative people from non-creative people? The truth is, a great deal more people are creative than we think. Creativity comes in many forms, and I’ve lost track of the number of people who say to me “Oh, I’m just not creative.”, but it’s not just about being able to draw.

So, we thought we’d put this lighthearted guide together, so you can check off whether or not you’re creative!

1. You love to solve problems

Curiosity is a very creative trait, personally, whenever someone comes to me with a problem, my synapses go into overdrive and I love a good think about how to solve it. Creative people are usually voracious readers, which is great, because it exposes you to many ideas that you can use to solve problems.

2. You like to predict the future

I love this chap, Ian Pearson (read his blog here), he’s a futurologist and just loves coming up with ideas for new ways of doing things, a perfect example of creative thinking.

3. You like nice things

If you’ve ever run your hand over a book, a piece of fabric or gasped at a painting because it’s breathtaking, then you might be creative. The trick is also to understand that anything could have that level of appeal, as Ogilvy once said “There are no boring products, just boring writers”.

4. People come to you for advice

Creative people are people people, and that shows. So, people will come to you for help and ideas, and that in turn fuels creativity – see point one!

Feel free to suggest some we might have missed!


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