GDPR (EU Data Protection Rules)Workshops

We simplify the data process for you.

It’s no secret that in May 2018 life is going to get a little more structured for B2B marketers when it comes to data protection. Processes are going to have to get more rigorous and disciplined when it comes to capturing, acquiring and managing customer data. (Data Protection).

It’s not all doom and gloom, and the good news is that it will make it easier for marketers to instil internal disciplines to better manage data. It will enforce better practices that will give you richer data sets with more engaged audiences, increasing conversions and improving quality all round.

Our one day, interactive workshops help you engage your sales and marketing teams in creating a comprehensive data strategy and action plan for moving forward. It’s not simply a dry rendition of the law, but a rich, comprehensive guide to help you become compliant, and help you leverage data protection to better engage your target audiences.

If you’d like a chat through what we do in the workshop, then please email Charlotte on  to set up a call.

We’ve run these workshops for companies such as CACI, KCOM and Konica Minolta as well as medium sized companies in the technology sector. We can run them with Sales and Marketing together or separately. The workshops run from 10-3 typically, and we can do them at your own offices, or at an off site venue. Costs vary depending on location and number of attendees.

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