14 apps I can’t live without

(well, I probably could if I had to)

Life is hectic, there’s no denying it. My weekly schedule is packed full of meetings, planning, activity, more meetings and the odd collapse in a darkened room.

It helps that I’m organised, I’m a bit of a type A personality in that regard, but that doesn’t mean I can do it without help.

I have a little army of apps that I use to help keep me up to date, and people are often asking me for recommendations, so I thought a blog would be a good idea.

1. Xero
For an SME this application is an absolute godsend. It’s so much simpler than Sage, both in terms of day to day use, and extracting useful information from it.

2. Evernote
I’ve gone back and forth on this one, but ultimately it’s a lifesaver. I can take notes easily, but the real power is in how you store and organise notes. I can organise by client and date, which make sit very simple to review notes, and to add edits etc. Saves me a lot of typing out follow up emails too.

3. Trello
This is a dream at managing lots of projects for lots of different clients. My list of boards might make you weep, but it’s a lifesaver for when it comes to steering the ship and making sure the team are keeping the engines running. We use it to manage projects and tasks, but also to maintain our business process consistency, checklists make all the difference!

4. Slack
We have people based remotely so Slack is great for keeping in touch, and again for being able to refer back to project specific conversations. Saves having to scroll through hundreds of emails to work out what was said/decided.

5. Receipt Bank
Integrated into Xero, this makes expenses a doddle. Every time I incur a receipt, I open up the app, take a photo of the receipt, press submit and bam! Done!

6. Google Docs
Sharing live documents is easy peasy on here, and is great for managing GANTTs or any document that changes frequently, or requires input from different people.

7. Reddit
OK, not so much a work one here, but stops me from going insane and provides a lot of entertainment when my brain is fried.

8. My Taxi
I love to support London Taxi’s so MyTaxi is great. Just as good as Uber, but without all the moral murkiness. I can hail a taxi and the apps pays it as soon as the journey is ended.

9. Google Maps
I think everyone’s familiar with this, but it’s a lifesaver for me. Live traffic has got me to meetings on time on numerous occasions, and I’ve just discovered that if you swipe left on the top green part of the screen, you can see upcoming turns.

10. Trainline
Perfect for booking tickets on the go, an easy to use app that works all across the UK, no matter how obscure the station.

11. MileIQ
Automatically tracks your mileage and a simple swipe says if it’s a business trip or not. It collates all your trips into one report, simple for uploading for expenses.

12. Ringo
Great for booking street or car park parking in public places, easy and quick, removes the need for carrying lots of pound coins!

13. Google Translate
When I’m travelling I just hover the app over a the menu, and it translates it for me live, makes life a lot easier!

14. Wetherspoons
Wether for business or pleasure, mostly business grabbed in a hurry, this app allows you to order directly from your table, perfect if you’re on your own.

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Charlotte Graham-Cumming

Director, Ice Blue Sky Ltd

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