5 Tips for making Account Based Marketing (ABM) Work

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the hot topic in B2B marketing, evolving out of content marketing, and somewhat a necessity when it comes to reaching senior executives at large organisations. According to demand base, the amount of companies with an ABM strategy has increased by 21%.

I still get asked how I define ABM, and for me, it’s simple. It’s a strategy where you create a highly personalised experience for the recipient, with the goal of establishing a conversation or enhancing a relationship. And it won’t work without close collaboration with sales.

The highly personlised bit is what separates it, and raises it above the level of content marketing. I’ve listed below what you need to consider to make your ABM programme successful:

1. Understand your audience.

Sounds obvious, and it is, but it requires serious effort to get right, and is not a case of just throwing a list together.You need to understand the strategic priorities of the organisation, and the daily challenges experience by the individual you’re targeting. Take time to do some research, and don’t be afraid to call the people you’re targeting beforeĀ  you send them anything, or at least the influencers around them.

2. Say something interesting and relevant

Don’t just talk about what you do, talk about the outcomes your technology delivers and frame it up in the context they will understand. What’s the ROI that other businesses like them have achieved? What commercial challenges get addressed when using this type of technology? How could they build a business case for technology investment?

3. Send them something physical

Multi-channel outreach is crucial, and using print is essential for creating that first impression. Sending them something tangible, that’s difficult to throwaway, that inherently demonstrates your value to that person will make it more likely they will respond to other outreach.

4. Don’t forget the influencers

Using a tool such as LinkedIn sales navigator or Discover.org you can research influencers at any organisation and determine which ones are likely to be most relevant. You may not want to approach them in the same way as the decision makers, but don’t forget to include them.

5. Ask for feedback

And finally, don’t be afraid to ask the people you connect with for feedback on what you sent them. Why did they respond? What would they change or do better?

We generally see great results from ABM, although it’s not a fast process, so your executive sponsor and/or budget owner needs to thoroughly understand how ABM works. You can convert roughly three times as many leads to opportunities using ABM, when compared to normal marketing strategies, so it’s worth the effort.




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Charlotte Graham-Cumming

Director, Ice Blue Sky Ltd

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