B2B eCommerce and secret pricing

Most B2B businesses would say they don’t have an e-Commerce website … they don’t have a shopping cart and for good reason; B2B purchases are Read More

Weekly tech tip: Prezi – taking presentations to the next level

Our new weekly spot! Each week we highlight an interesting piece of technology we’ve come across, which we think could be life-changing, a bit useful, Read More

Top 5 uses for QR codes in B2B

Business Card with QR Code

We’ve all seen them, the square box, with some random black squares arranged within – gradually beginning to appear on consumer products and advertising. We’ve Read More

Web Advertising Scrutiny – So long to wild claims!

From the 1st March 2011 the Advertising Standards Authority will be regulating all ONLINE advertisements and other marketing communications – a power they didn’t have Read More

I’m sorry, it’s not me, it’s you

The one group  of businesses I expect to have their unsubscribe process spot on are retailers – especially online retailers. I don’t think I’m being Read More

Why choosing a good agency is like choosing a good plumber…

When you need a plumber – who do you call? Probably not Ghostbusters (am I showing my age?)…but probably the last person you know that Read More

Rubbish in…rubbish out….stuff that surveys are made of.

I took part in a recent survey for the Soil Association – despite the fact that it was clearly the most biased, marketing driven survey Read More

Who cares?

Who cares about B2B marketing more specifically? It is great to see an increase in content focused on B2B Marketing Best Practice – hooray! And Read More

We’ve just sent our 200th email campaign – which raises some questions…and a B2B progress update

Once we’d all finished popping the champagne (ok, actually tea as it was only 9.30am) after reaching this fulfilling benchmark, I thought, well, what next? Read More

No man is an island…and other overused phrases

Sorry for the “blog gap” – have been sunning myself on holiday…more about that another time. Have just been reading reviews of Richard Branson’s new Read More