B2B Marketing Forum Launched

B2B Marketing Networking Forum Event: Date: Thursday July 15th Location: London Time: 5.30pm onwards —————————————————————- As part of our mission to provide valuable content, best Read More

B2B Marketing – the forgotten discipline?

OK, so the title might be a little over dramatic, but recent events have reinforced my belief that for most marketing content/organisations/events B2B gets forgotten. Read More

Practical tips – integrating digital into your campaigns

What makes an effective cross channel campaign? Integrated lead generation – sounds good? Practical tips below to help integrate digital into your campaigns, feel free Read More

What the heck is Marketing Automation then?

Well, this week has been a mixed bag! With the snow staying away, business has actually been able to proceed! We also visited the TFM&A Read More

Uncertainty is the only certainty for 2010

Not meant to be as depressing as it first sounds – this blog is to outline our top 5 predictions for 2010 – the title Read More

Retailers still slow on multi-channel

Another day, another survey – one that highlights again that it’s still only a selected few retailers that are embracing true “Multi-Channel” behaviour (GSI Commerce Read More

Is UK Manufacturing seeing a resurgence?

BBC news featured a piece this morning called “Manufacturers bounce back” (I paraphrase) but it did highlight an interesting development that has started to occur Read More

Hotel Review – Hotel Grande Bretagne – Athens

Recently visited the Hotel Grande Bretagne – http://www.grandebretagne.gr/ – below is our review for our events clients! For more detail on the review, follow me Read More

Making customer relationships more profitable…

I am often asked how to incorporate the customer base into the marketing outreach, and when I am asked that question I get very excited. Read More

Get customers closer to your brand….

We all know it’s far cheaper to sell to a customer than to a prospect – but what exactly are we trying to achieve? What Read More