noreply emails, or as I like to call them, “go away customer” emails

Now, a question. What’s the purpose of email? Answer – communication. What’s the least effective kind of communication for relationship building? One way communication. Ok, Read More

B2B Marketing is more than leads – AMEN

Finally – the light is dawning….and the blog below puts an element of it perfectly! You’ll be delighted to know that I am continuing my Read More

B2B Marketing Symposium – Launch event announced

Our first B2B Marketing Symposium for corporate B2B Marketers, has officially launched! Our first event is July 15th 2010, and you can access an invite Read More

Integrating sales and marketing – the stuff of myths and legends

I guess a more accurate (but less optimistic title) could have been “Integrating Sales and Marketing – is there any point and does anybody want Read More

The Marketing Society B2B Forum

Just a quick update to my post of a few weeks ago…”B2B Marketing – the forgotten discipline”… I am really pleased to let you know Read More

B2B Marketing Forum Launched

B2B Marketing Networking Forum Event: Date: Thursday July 15th Location: London Time: 5.30pm onwards —————————————————————- As part of our mission to provide valuable content, best Read More

B2B Marketing – the forgotten discipline?

OK, so the title might be a little over dramatic, but recent events have reinforced my belief that for most marketing content/organisations/events B2B gets forgotten. Read More

Practical tips – integrating digital into your campaigns

What makes an effective cross channel campaign? Integrated lead generation – sounds good? Practical tips below to help integrate digital into your campaigns, feel free Read More

What the heck is Marketing Automation then?

Well, this week has been a mixed bag! With the snow staying away, business has actually been able to proceed! We also visited the TFM&A Read More

Uncertainty is the only certainty for 2010

Not meant to be as depressing as it first sounds – this blog is to outline our top 5 predictions for 2010 – the title Read More