Black Box thinking

Last week I just finished listening to the book “Black Box Thinking”, and anyone that’s had a conversation with me over the last few weeks Read More

Customer journey: how to prioritise improvements

Shouldn’t I just improve everything in my customer journey? Well, no is the short answer. As more organisations are focusing on Customer Journey improvements as a Read More

Using tracking text in videos

Here’s a quick sample of what “Tracking Text” looks like in videos – it can be a really effective way to make sure people read Read More

Need to fix your company’s Streetview image?

We love to share when we find out useful things. One of our customers has just moved offices, and while their office is lovely, the Read More

Customer journey mapping for B2B companies

 How B2B companies can benefit from improving the customer experience I recently read (or, more accurately, listened to as I bought it on Audible) a Read More

4 signs you might be creative

Ever wondered what separates creative people from non-creative people? The truth is, a great deal more people are creative than we think. Creativity comes in Read More

Marketing sector results from Q3

The latest Bellwether report has just been released, looking at how budgets and trends performed in Q3 (July to Sept), below are some highlights: 1. Read More

Communicating big ideas in content marketing

I recently watched Oprah being interviewed by Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn. Aside from it being very interesting to see Oprah on the other side Read More

Marketing Planning Advice

Book cover

If you’re overhauling your marketing, and need to come up with a new strategy and plan, then this presentation by Charlotte Graham-Cumming takes you through Read More