Case Study

The Project

Enactor needed to build a stronger presence in the UK, EMEA and US markets. They needed more people to be aware of their brand and to generate inbound leads through technical and thought leadership content.

The Challenge

Enactor, while known by a few brands in the UK, had little presence in EMEA and the US. They had little internal marketing resource and needed cost-efficient access to multiple skill sets as well as a marketing strategy.

Ice Blue Sky has helped us develop a solid strategy and approach to our marketing. By producing strong content, they really helped us elevate our brand. They were always committed, enthusiastic and reliable.


We acted as their marketing director and marketing delivery team (and still do), put together a go-to-market strategy to drive awareness and have a steady stream of content to drive inbound leads. We also helped overhaul their website to better reflect the level of company they are.


We increased their organic web traffic by more than 300%, and referrals from 3rd party sites by more than 200% (000’s of visitors) and inbound leads increased from tier 1 targets.

Our Work

We make your brand have meaning in people’s lives.

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