Case Study

The Project

Gnatta provide a solution to multi-channel customer communication, bringing all incoming inquiries into one manageable platform to revolutionise the customer experience.

Gnatta were keen to see fast ROI from their investment into lead generation. They wanted to be sure that Account Based Marketing would work for them, and that they would forge relationships with the right decision makers and sales teams.

The Challenge

A highly powerful marketing tool, ABM targets specific leads within a market (think fishing with a spear, rather than a net) to build relationships with and develop worthwhile leads and lasting customers.
The one downside of ABM is that it can take longer to see valuable leads coming in at first.

500% increase in page followers

“Ice Blue Sky have really helped us get up and running quickly with a performance marketing plan based around increasing MQLs. From the initial conversations onwards, the communication has been great and we’ve appreciated their experience and expertise in helping tech businesses scale. We’re excited to see how far we can grow together.”


Given that Gnatta were keen to see leads coming in, we had to formulate a very specific plan to provide the ROI they wanted. This involved creating an integrated lead generation campaign, paid social media campaigns, leveraging of LinkedIn, and more.

1000% increase in new web visitors when  compared to previous period


Within the first 45 days, Gnatta saw a 1000% increase in new visitors to their website, 220 new LinkedIn connections, a 500% increase in page followers, and more.

To find out more, and to discover what happened next, be sure to read our detailed case study.

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