Lakeside Software

Case Study

The Project

Lakeside came to us with a requirement for ABM and lead generation. They needed to ramp up their marketing presence in EMEA and increase leads.

The Challenge

Their leads were mostly generated through events, which weren’t delivering the right quality and level of decision-makers. They needed to increase the number of leads going into the funnel and improve the quality of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

75% converted to SQL’s

Ice Blue Sky have helped to bring a greater level of strategy, organization and creativity to our inbound and outbound marketing activity. We work really well as a team, and they genuinely are an extension of our resource here.


We put together an end to end personalised lead generation programme, and set up a subscription to Cognism to drive contact data into the top of the funnel. We generated thought leadership and value-based content, LinkedIn sponsored updates and emails, followed up by telemarketing and direct mail.

50% SQLs converted to forecasted pipeline


We generated BANT qualified MQLs across the year, 75% of which converted to SQLs. 50% of the SQLs converted into sales forecasted pipeline.

Our Work

We make your brand have meaning in people’s lives.

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