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With campaigns, ABM or otherwise, it’s important to balance strategy, creativity and relevance. We love to explore how things can be done a little differently, creating an interesting experience for your prospect, as well opening the door to relationships for you.

Whether it’s an animation, a beautifully presented whitepaper or a friendly piece of communication, the opportunities to create meaningful conversations are endless.

If you’d like more examples or case studies of other projects, please contact us for more information.

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JK Tech wanted to promote their Digital Transformation capabilities, so to engage people in an interesting way, we came up with a campaign called “What’s your digital profile” pulling together a personality profile analysis tool that, based on the user answering a series of ten questions, provide them with a detailed overview of their attitude to risk, potential next steps to progress on their digital journey and a well known company that they were similar too.

You can try it for yourself here:



Lakeside Software needed to raise their profile and generate leads in organisations with more than 10,000 employees.  A series of integrated campaigns, online tools and printed outreach secured significant MQLs, SQLs and sales pipeline.


Ebecs needed ABM content to be personalised to large organisations. A comprehensive report that examined the commercial benefits of technology,  combined with ROI information that was tailored to the recipient. The reports were printed and mailed out to the target audience, with handwritten letters, and then followed up with email and telephone outreach.


This hand drawn animation was designed to put some life into a new insurance software solution product launch.


Cisco’s new wifi offering makes it easier for organisations to leverage online solutions for both customers and employees.


Kareinn provide online solutions for the care home industry. It was really important to them that this animation made them look friendly and approachable and unlike your typical technology company. They wanted to make sure that it came across well that they developed the solution because they’ve cared for relatives themselves and understand the pressures that carers face on a day to day basis.

Kareinn also wanted to make sure the story of how they help care homes came across succinctly, in particular how they help carers spend more time with residents and less time on paperwork. This animation was included in a Video in a Box, if you’d like more information on the campaign please get in touch.

Lightwell Inc.

Lightwell are a consulting firm that specialises in enabling innovative and effective global supply chains. They needed a partner that could create industry relevant content that would add real value to the reader. Because of our wide experience with IBM commerce and supply chain solutions, we were able to create a series of ebooks that focused on creating more efficient and competitive supply chains, in retail, logistics, manufacturing and consumer goods.

As well as the ebooks, we produced infographics, animations and sales training materials.

Toshiba Medical

Toshiba Medical provides state of the art medical imaging equipment into the NHS and the Private Medical Sector. A constant innovator, we work closely with them to produce a very high quality customer magazine. Packed full of clinical articles, industry updates and customer stories, Toshiba’s customers find this printed and digital magazine a valuable resource.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta recently launched Markomi, their Marketing Automation software designed for both small and large businesses. We have been involved in developing the messaging, positioning and branding for this exciting new product.