Cross-Team Collaboration in a Remote Reality

Four Ways to Work Together, Even When Apart.

With hybrid working taking its place as “the new normal”, it’s time to evaluate how we can still reap the benefits of alignment across sales and marketing teams – wherever they are.

At Ice Blue Sky, we see sales enablement as a vital ingredient in the overall success of any account based marketing (ABM) campaign. Even the most outstanding marketing efforts in the world are wasted if a lack of connection sees hot leads fizzle out at the sales stage.

The latest article from Gartner, the global research and business advisory company, discusses four ‘modes’ of working which enable collaborative working in hybrid workplaces.

With remote and hybrid working reducing opportunities for spontaneous discussion (at least until Zoom invents a virtual water cooler), Gartner have proved that, with a little extra thought and planning, sales and marketing teams can still coordinate, collaborate and innovate!

Discover the four modes of collaboration:

Link to article in text by Gartner
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