Case Studies


Account Based Marketing

Company Overview – Sorted specialises in solving problems with post-purchase delivery tracking by providing a SaaS Deliver Experience Platform that allows customers to track the progress of their delivery and returns.

Results to write home about

Delivery Experience Platform Sorted wanted to find new ways to increase sales opportunities and grow their brand presence. In the competitive and dynamic world of retail marketing, such a goal requires innovation and something new.

Ice Blue Sky harnessed the power of ABM, personalisation, and direct mail to help Sorted hit their goals — with impressive results:

What did Sorted want to achieve?

Already successful in their market, Sorted wanted to spark more conversations with prospects, generate more and better sales opportunities, and build more awareness around their brand to support their sales teams’ activities.

How did Ice Blue Sky help?

We crafted a 1:many ABM campaign to break through to traditionally difficult-to-reach retailers. Combining a multi-touch email nurture and sponsored LinkedIn updates with a creative personalised direct mail campaign, we were able to cut through the noise and help Sorted forge more valuable connections.

What were the results?

Thanks to our campaign, Sorted were able to connect with new decision-makers at target companies, gain 4 sales-qualified leads within the first 2 months, and reach a 98% engagement rate.