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One of the most valuable assets within any business is the intelligence it has around Customer Data.

It is at the core of every organisation, and if used correctly can make all the difference around the relationships it cultivates to ensure successful growth and retention of loyal customers to brands.

Review how Ice Blue Sky’s structure and competency around this subject is impacting and helping businesses grow and be more relevant to key markets they serve within an ABM approach.


B2B Data for ABM that simply works

Having a solid reputation to maintain within the B2B ABM sector means that we have to deliver cutting edge technologies to enable our customers to be ahead of their competition when it comes to how they Engage, Acquire or Retain customers.

Data intelligence is the first step in defining and mapping the right individuals and organisations when implementing your ABM strategy.

Our data platform functions within a continued learning environment, driven by AI applications that constantly update and filter over 16 million UK based records. Data is filtered from more than 120 sources; information is cross referenced and presented at a 98% level of accuracy. 

What you want to achieve is clear, accurate, targeted information for the segments you’re targeting, but more importantly ensure it is delivered to the right people who can make the decisions around your technology.

The data platform works in three stages:

  • Interrogate 

Interrogating your data gives us a DNA profile of your current customers, job titles and industry types. Here we can analyse the percentile of business within each segment and start to map both seams of potential growth together with understanding just who the decision makers and influencers are that you hold within your existing dataset.

Matched against the 16 million records we can also cleanse and refresh any out of date information within your current database as well.

  • Scout 

True to its title, we then Scout for “net new” data that matches perfectly to the profiles you wish to select within the criteria of the campaign. All degrees of categories can be considered to then extract a subset of information that gives each campaign a solid foundation for success when overlaid with the strategy and marketing message.

  • Deploy

Once the campaign and channel strategy has been agreed you are ready to deploy your message to your target market. With the beauty of both personalised outreach and programmatic delivery we have the ability to split test campaigns and messaging within the range of data sets selected. 

Not only is this done to main decision makers, but our data allows simultaneously to deliver variants of the campaign with changes to tone and script to influencers that are also part of operational teams. This ensures higher levels of saturation and outreach that create a greater possibilities to convert to stage one conversation.