Unlocking new partner growth: Part 3

“Build it and they shall come”… a quote we all know not to be true! 

With each architecture and solution group each having their own targets, and the central Partner Account Management teams being overwhelmed with asks from the architecture and overlay teams, how can we collectively make sure the right partners are reached with the right content to drive the actions you need and see the ROI from the programs built?

Unlocking new partner growth: Part 2

Just as the end-user buyer journey has changed with an exponential rise in touch points needed, how we engage with the partner sellers and teams also needs to evolve. How can you ensure you are heard in a competitive market where all vendors are shouting loud to be heard and partner time is at a premium?

Unlocking new partner growth: Part 1

When the Channel reflects 90% of your business revenues, routes-to-market are shifting, and there are significant market headwinds, what can you do to achieve more with the Channel? Although we have a number of routes-to-market, a common factor across these is that we still must create partner preference for our brand and solutions. There are […]