Case Studies


Lead Generation

Company Overview – Lakeside’s mission is to empower IT with the most powerful cloud platform to ensure all employees have a digital experience that is performant, reliable, secure, and connected.

Why us

Lakeside approached Ice Blue Sky for help in ramping up their marketing presence across EMEA to help generate more leads.


Lakeside’s leads had traditionally been generated through events, which weren’t delivering the right quality and level of decision-makers. They needed to increase the number of leads going into the funnel and improve the quality of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).


Ice Blue Sky developed an end to end personalised lead generation programme, and set up a subscription to Cognism to drive contact data into the top of the funnel. Thought leadership and value-based content was developed, and LinkedIn sponsored updates and emails launched, all of which was followed up by telemarketing and direct mail.


As a result of their engagement with Ice Blue Sky, Lakeside generated a regular flow of BANT-qualified MQLs across the year, 75% of which converted to SQLs, with 50% of those sales leads converting to forecasted pipeline.