Case Studies

Pilot Group

Account Based Marketing

Company Overview – The Pilot Group is making a difference, an unsung hero that is genuinely achieving big change for companies that are traditionally not seen as able to be at the forefront of the move to greener operations – such as manufacturing, transport & logistics, and construction for example.

Through their Energy Management Systems, using existing heating systems in large warehouses, they can reduce energy costs and CO2 by 43% in 12 months.


The industries Pilot wanted to target are used to greenwashing and big statements from organisations that underdeliver, or are energy brokers pitching short-term savings that disappear after 12 months.

This meant not only was the audience cynical, but they were also challenging to convert on a consistent basis. The objective was to deliver long-term brand building, whilst also picking up short-term opportunities, overcoming cynicism and building absolute trust.

The campaign delivered an impressive sales forecasted pipeline of 3:1 ROMI, as well as building future pipeline for the following year.

Why did they need help?

At The Pilot Group, they definitely know their audience, so they’d already worked out their ideal customer, which we helped to refine and align with messages that were effective. Our solid experience in technology and supply chain helped us to do this quickly.

We needed to build trust and credibility with the audience so that they would trust the messages. We did a kick-start approach; getting some high-level ads live quickly, to test messaging which helped with content planning and the form-fill ads phase.

And then what?

Alongside that, the kickstart phase included some one to one, highly tailored LinkedIn outreach, which delivered early engagement with key prospects. This also enabled us to quickly test messages and approaches to help refine activity in the next stage.

And did we make a difference?

With several thousand companies to target, across multiple sectors and of varying sizes, it really stretched the concept of one to many. However, the campaign delivered some great results in the first half of the year, with 33% of companies engaging in the campaign and more than 4,000 people responding to content.


There is a strong contingent of companies in MQL and opportunity stage, with more than 800 companies now in nurture ready for conversion, and sales forecasted opportunities that delivered 3:1 ROMI.