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Technology is Not Enough

“It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.” – Steve Jobs at the Ipad 2 Launch

At Ice Blue Sky it’s all about how we combine marketing technologies to get the best outcomes for the campaigns we create. It’s this intelligence and understanding that delivers outstanding results.


Our newest discipline to promote the Nexus Intent platform allows you to see who is looking into the products or services you provide.

UK, Europe or Global coverage is available depending on the scope and reach of your campaigns.

Linked to a scoring system aligned to agreed criteria gives regular reports that can be actioned upon resulting in more effective targeting.

We are an official partner and reseller for Cognism for the profiling and selection of key targeted contacts.

Full or Lite versions of the software can be utilised to search over 400m profiles. Working real time across 16 different data points.

Individual profiles or seniority levels can assist in the effective selection of data for each outbound campaign

Marketing Automation

Full collaborative campaign architecture tools that assist in both the in the creation and management of multi-channel campaigns.

Programmatic personalised content can be deployed across multiple channels including; email, social, animation, landing pages and direct mail.

Ice Blue
Digital Publication Analyses Tool

An application that allows artwork or content created for print to be re-formatted into a digitally paginated file embedded into emails or websites.

Number of page hits, time on articles all reported and allocated to each customer profile.

Link products to detailed info pages and click through to basket are also available.

Our Work

We make your brand have meaning in people’s lives.

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