The secret to effective email marketing measurements

A recent article in B2B marketing magazine gets across perfectly why it’s important to not only measure email results – but to actually use those results to dynamically charge your marketing campaigns.

Email metrics are so much more than opens and click throughs when it comes to integrated marketing – you have to use the information around reponses to your emails to determine well recevied content. You can look at conversions to understand if there is an issue with messaging, or with your data.

You can even take a lesson from the B2C community – automated email triggers based on behaviour ensures that nothing slips through the net and your clients and prospects feel engaged with.

You can use email marketing to really assess and learn about your customer and prospect base – their behaviour, preferences and areas of interest. It’s always good to use the information you are collecting.


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Charlotte Graham-Cumming

Director, Ice Blue Sky Ltd

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