Uncertainty is the only certainty for 2010

Not meant to be as depressing as it first sounds – this blog is to outline our top 5 predictions for 2010 – the title is merely to cover myself in case any don’t come true – highly likely given the nature of predictions – just ask Nostradamus.

1. financial markets will continue to fluctuate – making it difficult to control and predict costs, customer demand and industry trends

2. talent management will be an issue as the economy improves – unhappy staff who are frustrated by continuously increasing targets accompanied by draconian budget cuts and dictorial work conditions will begin an exodus as the job market opens up. Looking at companies staff turnover rates in 2010/2011 will be one good indicator of how good an employer they are.

3. value is “the word” – providing and proving value will be critical for companies wanting to compete in 2010. Cautious spending is likely to continue meaning that organisations will have to focus on demonstrating value, delivering it, and then proving it. Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – you’ll need to develop this good habit to succeed. Make sure you make a promise you know you can keep and exceed.

4. creativity will increase – as companies need to find ways to compete with less budget and resources, creative minds will excel and interesting solutions and ideas will be developed, necessity being the mother in invention and all that. Some of the best marketing campaigns came out of economic depressions.

5. flexible technology solutions will increase their market share – cloud applications, SaaS solutions – all will see an increase in adoption as people need to balance long term strategy with short term budget concerns and financial risk exposure.

Will try to remember to check back in December to compare reality with prediction – if it’s successful I’ll be moving onto lottery numbers next.

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Charlotte Graham-Cumming

Director, Ice Blue Sky Ltd

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