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Just a quick update to my post of a few weeks ago…”B2B Marketing – the forgotten discipline”…

I am really pleased to let you know that the first B2B Steering Committee meeting was held on Thursday May 6th in London for the Marketing Society (!

I have been appointed the chair for this forum, which is very exciting.

It seems that what is missing for most B2B Marketers is understanding what case studies and best practice exists to help increase knowledge and expertise. There seems to be a lot of vendor led information available, but a lack of independent, clear and concise information on how to be a brilliant B2B Marketer.

Many industry qualifications seem to focus on B2C Marketing theory and disciplines, with maybe a “chapter based” nod to B2B – completely ignoring the many complexities and difficulties in B2B.

What’s very exciting is that we have some very “big brains” involved in the Marketing Society’s forum, which means we can quickly start generating some great content – watch this space!

So, the mission continues! Now, if only I can get the CIM’s attention….

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Charlotte Graham-Cumming

Director, Ice Blue Sky Ltd

2 thoughts on “The Marketing Society B2B Forum

  1. John Sweeney says

    Hi Charlotte,

    This is a subject close to my heart. As a Marketing Lecturer (CIM and Strategic Marketing) I know exactly what you mean. Can I suggest you take a look at a book called ‘The Leaky Funnel’ by Hugh MacFarlane for some inspiration.
    I’ve also engaged with CIM around improving their B2B Marketing training offering last year – happy to share the details of that dialogue.
    I recently ran a short course specifically designed for B2B Marketers – here is a sample
    “How to Set Strategy for Business Markets”. There are other modules available and thousands of marketers have already road-tested the content. Happy to share some content if it suits.


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