Top 5 uses for QR codes in B2B

We’ve all seen them, the square box, with some random black squares arranged within – gradually beginning to appear on consumer products and advertising.

We’ve been thinking about how to use them in a B2B environment.

The most obvious one (to us anyway) seemed to be to pop it onto our business cards:

Business Card with QR Code

Business Card with QR Code

All you have to do is download a Barcode Reader app to your smartphone of choice, then use that to take a picture of the QR Code, and your phone will automatically register the contact details and should prompt to save as a V Card.

From a B2B perspective, we think it would work well in the following scenarios:

1. Email marketing & Events – include a QR code image in HTML emails that people can scan to download event venue details, someone’s contact details, special offer information etc ( as they can be scanned from on screen as well as in print)

2. Include a QR code in print ads – really handy for tracking responses as you could share a “secret” URL only accessible by scanning the code

3. Include a QR code in printed direct mail – especially great if marketing products – if you go one step further and develop your own app (if relevant) you can integrate the two to enable product reminders and ordering.

4. Web – using QR codes on the website can be a great addition to a contact us page, or to share URLs

5. Well, that was the business card idea 😉

Want to know more about they work? The below link takes you to a great blog that has the top 14 things you should know about QR Codes:

If you’ve any other ideas for use in a B2B environment, please comment below!

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