Aveqia – Truly Unique Team Building

What a great concept. I get invited to a lot of “new experiences” but I have to say this one truly lived up to its billing. We arrived on the second night it was open, so I was expecting a few teething troubles, but was pleasantly surprised.

We were greeted at the door by the two head chefs and had a glass of champagne in the bar area just inside the door and down some steps. The bar was modern and very Scandinavian. Lots of attention to detail created a modern, high end feel. I particularly loved the wooden walls leading to the kitchen area.

We were then led into the kitchens, we didn’t really know what to expect, we just knew there would be some cooking and some eating involved! The place is divided into 5 kitchen areas, some of which link up to accommodate multiple groups. The kitchen was beautifully modern and clean, and had a simple table setting for the 20 of us in our group. There were 4 stations set up, each for a different course. We were given an overview by the three chefs as to what each course consisted of, and how the evening would play out. We were allowed to select which course we wanted to cook, I plumped for the starters, mostly as I figured I could then enjoy the rest of the evening after serving.

As a team on each station, we divvied up the tasks for each course. I was on a vegetable garnish (which was more complicated than it sounds), for a scallop and pike perch dish. One of our team had to create mayonnaise from scratch which was probably the biggest challenge on our table. The chefs did an admirable job of moving between us all explaining what we needed to do, I had to delicately slice root veg and then cook in fish stock.

Overall we learnt some great cooking techniques, had a great time getting to know each other in a relaxed environment, with fine wines and fine food. Each team served their food to the group, and I have to say that the food rivalled that of some of the great restaurants. We all felt very proud to have created such masterpieces!

Masterchef, here I come!

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