6 ways to get less than 10% drop out rate for your events.

OK, so it’s not rocket science – like most effective tactics, they are mostly plain common sense and attention to detail.

We all know how challenging it is to get people to come to events, and then even more challenging to turn them into leads.

I often get asked how we do it, so thought it might be useful to share a list of tips to help get you to a 10% drop out rate (same as ours).

Empty Conference Room

Every event organiser's worst nightmare

  1. Keep it relevant – OK, sounds obvious doesn’t it? Focus – don’t try to be everything to everyone – focus on a group, pick something that’s really keeping them up at night, it might not always be something that you do, but hey, it will get your key prospects all in a room.
  2. Don’t sell – if they want to find out more about you they will, focus instead on getting them in with great content and showing how they will benefit from giving up some of their time. Sell later, marketing is for creating connections (leads), get them talking to sales in the room, don’t make it the focus of the content.
  3. Make it easy – make it easy to register, make it easy to get there, make it easy to park, make it easy to find, make it easy to find the room, make it easy….to do ANYTHING related to the event. It’s easy to have blinkers on and miss really obvious things that will lead delegates to say “can’t be bothered”
  4. Risk assess – honestly, what would you do if the power failed? If there was a car accident outside the venue (happened to us once!), if there is a transport strike, if your speaker is ill? Go to town on your run through and think about what you would do.
  5. Be regular – the more events you run the more you will build up a following. Simple. Publicise through all channels, don’t be lazy and just rely on email. Talk about your events ALL THE TIME, get sales involved.
  6. Keep in touch – don’t forget about your delegates the minute they register. It takes quite a few touch-points to remind them they are coming, what they will miss if they don’t and how they will benefit. Don’t overload them, use different channels to mix it up.

Have any to add?

Charlotte Graham-Cumming

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