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I love technology, I love marketing great and interesting technology, and I admire fascinating business leaders. Because of that fact I like to track companies and individuals that are making a difference in the technology sector.

Which is where I came across George Popescu from Boston Technologies. BT first caught my attention around 3 years ago when I was working with a customer active in Forex, I’ll be honest, they mainly caught my attention because I used to live in Boston.

More recently, as I’ve checked in now and again, their growth has been stratospheric – around 1000% in those 3 years.

Why was I interested? George spotted a gap in the market (you can read the detail here), and really invested the time to solve that problem, 3 years in total. But, instead of resting on his laurels, he continues to change and grow the business – and that first solution now only represents a small percentage of revenue.

Clearly a driven individual (3 masters degrees), I found not only his story interesting, but inspiring, it’s often problem solving where we learn the most, along with a strong commitment to the job. Not only did he solve the initial problem of creating predictive revenue for traders, he then made it easier to become a Forex trader  – creating his own customer base. Creative thinking is crucial in today’s economic landscape, George clearly is creative as he has learnt to play the piano and raise Bonsai trees, relaxing, creative past times in their own right, once you’ve mastered them!

What I especially liked is that he has tapped into  – what I believe is – a core tenet of good business, letting your customers focus on what they are good at, while you focus on what you’re good at:

I think we are here because I really believe in allowing our customers to focus on what they do best which is marketing and sales. To allow our customers to focus on sales and marketing we have developed the technology products and services they need.

For our business, it’s the other way round in that we focus on the marketing while our customer focus on their technology, but the same holds true.

I’ll keep watching them, they are undergoing a lot of change, especially as one of the founders recently left. Huge growth comes with its challenges, but George certainly has the drive and strategy to deal with them it seems.

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