4 reasons the new EU Data Protection is an opportunity, not a punishment.

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With the EU bringing in legislation that will, in effect, mean that any contacts on your B2B database will have to opt in before you can target them, some marketers are panicking.

Actually, marketers should be looking at it as an opportunity – no, really.

1. Inbound marketing funding

B2B Marketers have known for ages that to get closer to customers they need to create content that is packed full of insight in order to hook people into the marketing cycle. Really great research report? Just give us your contact details, check this box, and you’re off! Fill in this survey, give us your details and win an ipad, and so on.

BUT, it’s always been tricky to get people to write the content, and to get the budget holders to sign off creative and copy costs. So if this becomes the only way to do B2B, it should be a lot easier.

2. Data is the new oil

Don’t fall asleep on me, I mean it. Imagine a world where you get funding to get your data sorted, categorised, and cleaned. Imagine it’s easy to find the unsubscribes, imagine you can easily find those people interested in how your accounting software supports the R&D tax incentive from HMRC.

3. Take control of the policy

This gives you the power to ensure that best practice inbound marketing is practiced all over the business – web forms, sales people’s data (OK, I never said it would be easy!), events, inbound lead management. Armed with the knowledge of what’s needed, and with the power of the customer behind you, the world is your oyster!

4. Build trust with customers

Everyone is always banging on about “getting closer to customers”, and then blasting out emails those customers didn’t ask for. Establishing a great inbound policy where customers get only the information they want is a great trust builder. Meeting client data concerns head on makes a non-issue of what you do with their data. Especially now, when people logon onto corporate wifi and do all manner of personal transactions….no comment here!

So, it’s good to act now and get ahead of competitors by improving your focus on inbound marketing.

Charlotte Graham-Cumming is a director at Ice Blue Sky, a creative agency and consultancy. www.icebluesky.com Ice Blue Sky run onsite workshops to help customers navigate the new legislation, and to implement inbound marketing programmes.


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