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Why your customers are ignoring you.

Being heard is more difficult, particularly if you’re a B2B Technology Company. You used to be in control, you used to be the only place customers could get information about you and your customers.

“Up to 70% of marketing material is never used by sales (or customers).”

“Sales spend up to 30% of their time recreating content that marketing has already produced.”




According to this McKinsey Report (published a year ago, but I don’t see that things have moved on) they state there is:

“A marked divergence between the core messages….and the characteristics their customers value most”

In fact, when you read the report, they are almost diametrically opposed.

The MOST important aspect that customers valued was that of open and honest dialogue. This matches what I see on a daily basis:

  • Make it easy for me to understand what you do
    Tell me something I don’t know, don’t tell me what every other tech company is telling me
    Make me believe you would be a credible, trustworthy partner
    Give some ROI around solving my problems

Yet technology companies can’t resist talking about themselves.



Because it’s effort to talk about the customer effectively. It requires research, time, testing – and who has time to do that when you need to bang out an email blast? (Ouch).

BUT…if the following statements are true:

Technology companies are typically sales led
Sales people love looking good in front of customers (who doesn’t?)
Then marketing CAN create meaningful content that sales AND customers will love. Content that teaches and educates provides insight, and the more insight you provide the more trust you build.

Insight is more than statistics, it’s answering questions the buyer didn’t even know they had.

For example:

Compare the two statements, what would make you more interested?

“Click here to find out more information about our new widget which can process your thingmijig ten times faster”


“80% of similar people that have “your problem” don’t realise it can solved in as little as three months”


A simplified example for sure, but if you want to connect with an audience, you have to put the effort in to see things from their perspective.

If you create content with insight, sales will also be more inclined to use it, especially if you align it to the sales cycle, and make it available via their tools, such as CRM.

Remember the old adage, you have two ears and one mouth, use them in the same proportions!

Then what you say will be wiser, and better received.

“Creativity gets their attention. Insight keeps them engaged.”


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