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Which Chocolates Make up the Selection Box that is Your Team?

Here’s just a few reasons why you might you want to improve your internal team communications? Did you know that by engaging all of your employees you can:-

  • Add an incremental £7K per year to your company’s bottom line in just one year.
  • Save your company at least 5% in costs for which they are responsible.
  • Create 147% higher earnings per share (EPS) compared with your competition.
  • Demonstrate a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes.

With statistics like these, what do you have to lose? By formulating an internal communications strategy you are on your way to a cohesive team that will work towards achieving your company’s overall goals.

Remember, your team members are all different and one size won’t fit all. Think of your team like a box of chocolates – an assorted variety of personalities, skills and attributes. Some may share soft-centres whilst others may be a mint crisp, and no doubt there is a champagne truffle in your team too. So what should you think about first when creating your internal communications strategy?

Identify your company’s overall goals, then communicate individual objectives.

Map the goals of individuals to the overall strategic objectives of your company. Break down your overall strategic goals into bite-size chunks and assign to those individuals who can affect the change in that area. Empowered employees are more innovative than those who are not.

Which communication methods should you use?

Bearing in mind the chocolate box analogy, one communication method is not going to work for each of your team members. When you are communicating to your team the content has to have relevance to them, so don’t bombard the maintenance team with details of your new Sales strategy. It’s just not relevant!

Email is a great way to share the details of your office’s Christmas closing dates but you’ll need to engage your team members in a multitude of other ways to affect change and reap the rewards. Deliver tailored content, from emails and in person sessions, to blogs and videos (which incidentally, are simple to create and very effective)!

By personalising content that is relevant to the individual you will have a more engaged reader who will digest and act upon the information communicated to them.

What makes for good content?

Good content has to be your starting point. Review your internal communications strategy and look at one area that needs a bit of communication enhancement. Let’s look at an example:-

Example Problem – The Sales team are not using the time-costly,

extensively-invested-in CRM that has recently been implemented, (painstakingly I may add), over the last 6 months. The Finance team are forecasting with little or no visibility of the Sales pipeline and the internal Sales executives have no idea who last spoke to which client, not to mention when, and as for what was promised…?! You can email the Sales team until there’s only wrappers remaining in your team selection box, but it won’t help you solve the problem.

Example Solution – Think about innovative ways to engage the team. Which words and phrases would grab the attention of the Sales team? For a quick win, you could still use email as the method of communication but instead of entitling your email “Mandatory Training for Entire Sales Team – Monday 08:30” why not entitle it “Tools to Help You Get Your Commission Paid Promptly” or “Using the CRM Effectively to Sell More Effectively”. If I were in Sales, I know which heading would grab more of my attention!

Delivering tailored content is not rocket science. It may take a bit of time in the first instance, with perhaps a little bit of research required too. But what have you got to lose? Your team is a chocolate box of assorted goodies. A selection box has something for everyone and each chocolate has it’s own unique quality to share, but when put together, what a feast!

Sara Flannery is an Account Manager for Ice Blue Sky, who help technology companies enhance their internal strategic communications and connect more effectively with their audiences. Contact Sara –

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