Are you shouting or listening?



How effective is your lead generation?

Does your marketing content talk about you, or your customer?

Can you demonstrate how many people you have connected with over the past year? Do you know which content and activity generated the best results? Is this now driving your approach to content in 2015?

Can you show how you engaged people with your activity, and how they moved through the funnel?

Are you regularly publishing insightful content online? Are you publishing your content via social media promotion and content syndication?

Are you held accountable for tasks you have accomplished, or the results that you’ve generated? One is far riskier than the other.

If you’re not doing these things, you’re probably losing ground to your competition.

Even if you’re in a fairly traditional sector, one that relies on relationship selling, you might think this is all just “nice to have”.


Only 4% of “high performers” are relationship builders when it comes to sales.

However, those sales people that challenge and provide insight to their customers? They represent 54% of high performers in high value, complex sales cycles.

High performing marketing needs to do the same, and can provide a great platform for your sales team to provide insight to their customers.

Why digital and offline?

People are 67% more likely to engage with you as a brand if they’ve seen valuable, online or in print content.

If you’re ignoring the digital channel in 2014, then you’re missing a huge opportunity, there is enough information out there for you to know why.

One solid reason? You can see how many people your content has reached, how many took action, and how many got in touch as a result. OK, and one more…people you meet offline at trade shows can be connected with digitally to nurture them.

One final thought to leave you with:

100% of CEOs and procurement professionals rated “Offers unique and valuable perspectives on the market” as important in their list of requirements for suppliers that add value.

That means telling them things they didn’t already know about their sector. Not things they don’t know about your company – that’s the job for sales. Lead generation is about talking about your customer.

Creative gets their attention. Insight keeps them engaged.


Charlotte Graham-Cumming is a Director of Ice Blue Sky, a Creative Agency that specialises in insight based creating industry content for technology companies.

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