Wake Up B2B – time to mobilise!


It’s not new news that mobile is taking over internet usage or that websites need to work with mobile browsers. What is interesting is that while B2C companies have moved along this process, B2B seems to be slower.

We picked a random sample of big B2B technology brands, operating in the UK – and only 50% loaded a mobile site when we used a mobile device (contact us if you want to know who we tested).

B2B buyers are increasingly relying on their phones and tablets to research purchases and that trend continues to grow in size.

Google’s infographic of 2013 data titled “The Constantly Connected Executive” (http://ssl.gstatic.com/think/docs/constantly-connected-executive_infographics.pdf) shows some compelling reasons for marketeers to assign budget to making their website mobile friendly:

  • 90% of executive used Smart Phones to research a business purchase
  • 34% didn’t purchase because the site was not mobile friendly
  • 66% say a mobile site makes them more likely to engage with a vendor

This is further supported by our own data which compares mobile to desktop sites. We have found that 10% more users exit a non-mobile optimised B2B website on the home page and never venture further.

If that’s not enough to convince the board to allocate budget then think on this – the latest statistics show 42.3% of internet usage is done on a phone or tablet in the UK (http://gs.statcounter.com/#desktop+mobile+tablet-comparison-GB-monthly-201401-201501) – up from 34.3% last year.

So how much business could you be losing because you’re not making your website mobile?

Jeremy Graham-Cumming, Managing Director, Ice Blue Sky

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Jeremy Graham-Cumming

Managing Director, Ice Blue Sky Ltd

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