Top 6 Marketing skills crucial for B2B Technology Companies.

*based on the ITSMA infographic “The new architecture of marketing talent” which can be downloaded via the ITSMA website.

ITSMA (Information Technology Service Marketing Association) recently published the above infographic and what was interesting was the dramatic shift that is occurring in the marketing team structure.shutterstock_160844354 - insight

Why is that interesting?

Because new areas of expertise are emerging, and this usually occurs AFTER the shift in the market has happened.

Why should you care?

Because that means the shift in the market is already happening, and if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be adapting now.

What do you need to do:

In two years time, Understanding Buyers will be the number one skill (85% of technology companies) that marketing teams will need. This means you need to spend time getting inside your buyers head, and their industry. Know what they need to know before they know it (confused yet?).

This is compared to the current number one of brand and positioning. That doesn’t even appear on the list for two years time.

The current second most needed skill is Brand Communications, which has also disappeared off that second list.

Should you be worried?

No, not if you’re shifting to buyer insight and marketing technology tools (76% rated this as needed). These areas don’t ignore brand communications, but rather shift the focus to the buyer, to content and to inbound marketing. These should all be on your list for the next 12 months, especially as data analytics and marketing automation skillset demands will have increased by 43% and 17% respectively.


The top 5 most difficult to find, critical skills are:

Data Analytics

  1. Subject matter expertise
  2. Storytelling
  3. Marketing automation
  4. Thought leadership development

So, you may need an outsourced back up plan and a plan to hook these people into your team.


Especially as the current top 6 skills marketing teams need are:

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Content Creation.
  • Social Media
  • Digital user experience/website
  • Data Analytics
  • Thought Leadership


There is also a shift to less traditional methods of hiring B2B Marketers, notably B2C companies, business development and graduate programmes.

If you’re a marketing leader, then make sure your expectations of internal skill sets are aligned and start snapping up those great people now, before the competition gets ahead of you.

Charlotte Graham-Cumming


Ice Blue Sky

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  1. A successful marketing strategy depends on understanding your consumers, what they require and how you can convince them to buy or get your service. Choose right marketing medium and target right audience that will create more sales…

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