Secret Cinema, Star Wars and B2B Content Marketing

Ice Blue Sky Star Wars Lego Photo

One of our team built this scene from The Empire Strikes Back!

They made me put the bit in about B2B Content Marketing.

Two weeks ago a few of us attended the Secret Cinema Star Wars experience in London, and if you’re at all excited at the prospect of the new Star Wars film in December, then you’ll delight in this experience.

From the moment you arrive you are fully immersed in the world that is Star Wars, A New Hope, and those that jump in with both feet in terms of costume and role play will get the most from it. There are actors you can interact with, and sometimes the unexpected happens, providing great delight to everyone. The prices of the food and drink are a little eye watering, but you soon get caught up in the sights and smells of Dagobah and Tatooine, as well as the toe tapping music in the bar.

Some of us were more dressed up than others, and while you might feel a bit daft being dressed up on the tube, once you get in there, you feel a bit daft not being dressed up as you get caught up in exchanging seeds and jewellery with traders, avoiding stormtroopers and warily watching Boba Fett walk by. These characters can interact with you in several ways when you least expect it, so have some patter ready.

When the experience leads you to the movie watching part (The Empire Strikes Back), the immersion still continues with some live theatre – but that’s all I’m saying as a big part of the experience is when the unexpected pops up to surprise you. The attention to detail on the sets, and the interactions, is incredible and should stand up to the scrutiny of even the most die hard Star Wars fan. You’re watching the film with a lot of other people, which adds an incredible atmosphere, and at no point did it feel overcrowded and impersonal.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then try and visit – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to feel a part of the movie franchise. It’s not cheap, but when you get there you know why.

So, this doesn’t have a lot to do with B2B Content Marketing as you can see, we just wanted to share the experience! Although if B2B Content Marketing could get this immersive then I think we’d be onto a winner.

You can find a detailed review of the event here,


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