Work Experience at Ice Blue Sky by Emily Age 17 1/4


Hello! My name is Emily, and I am currently studying A Levels at a Sixth Form College. There are many things I wish to do with my life, and one of the things I want to do the most is digital marketing. A few months ago, around Easter, the school told me that I needed to arrange 2 weeks of work experience. I had a look around online for things that suited me, and came across the ‘Ice Blue Sky’ website. After a long look around the site, I decided I wanted to go there. I contacted the company and spoke to some very lovely people and managed to organise my 2 weeks of work experience.

The morning of Monday 13th July, I was full of excitement and ready to go. I arrived at the office and was greeted by the lovely Sara Flannery and was seated at my new desk. I was swiftly thrown into the deep end as the staff and I sat down to have a team meeting. Many notes later, I was already organised for the week.

As it is work experience, I expected to only be doing tea and coffee runs. But, to my pleasant surprise, I actually had work to do! The team allowed me to become completely involved, which was absolutely fantastic (if not a bit hectic).

In my first week, I was asked to do little things, such as putting contacts into the main database, moving various bits of data, and even writing blogs. On top of this, I had some bigger responsibilities; such as finding, scheduling and posting content on social media pages, writing interview questions, writing an article and writing a starter pack for new employees. Each of these things took some time and effort, but they were all equally fun and interesting to do. I even had a chance to be a little proactive! I suggested some online marketing tools for the company to use, and these ideas were all welcomed and considered by everyone who works here. I was still asked to do the tea and coffee runs though…

The second week was a little less busy. I was able to write some information pages for customers. This was actually quite interesting, as I had to research and collect the information myself, and I do like a challenge. I will admit that at certain times in the week I did get a little overwhelmed because I felt a little confused and useless… but after some consoling from the staff and very useful instructions, I was able to get back on track.

Working is a lot more difficult than going to school. The hours are longer and the breaks are shorter. But, the people are friendlier, the atmosphere is nicer, the availability of hot drinks is definitely a plus, and the work was actually interesting. Ice Blue Sky is a wonderful company to work for. I look forward to the day when I can leave education and go straight into the working world!

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