Using content marketing, e-learning and gamification

How to effectively use gamification for complex selling.

It’s been a hectic week of meetings and planning as we move into our peak content delivery period, supporting events and campaigns and SEO projects.

I’m always asked “what works” and while the answer to this question depends on who the audience is, and what the brand is, there are basic things that always work.

If appropriate, gamification can work extremely well as it appeals to those parts of human nature that enjoy seeing progress and performing well against other people.

You see it used in a lot of successful consumer apps, for example MyFitness Pal comparing calories and exercise and encouraging team work and a support network.

If you look at gamiification in that way, it can be a great tool for your content marketing. It can be used to increase content engagement, and really generate some meaningful conversations.

We’ve used it successfully in e-learning for example. It’s always challenging to get sales teams familiar with complex technology and gamification is an excellent tool in this scenario. The challenge is to avoid making it cheesy, as people won’t engage if they think it’s meaningless.

The trick in gamification e-learning is to have it as part of the whole sales process, beyond the initial learning stage. Encourage sales teams to form a community that goes on that journey together, for example:

  • Create an app at the centre of the process where people sign up and establish a profile.
  • Use the app to track progress and performance.
  • Content should be created for both desktop and mobile and should be designed from the ground up to be used on mobile.
  • Allow user feedback, content sharing and help requests.

You need a “human first” approach to this type of project, and an understanding of how people socialise and learn, to leverage these most effectively.

If you’ve got some more examples, we’d love to hear them!


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